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They tried to take my hair to Rehab.. And I should Go, Go, Go!

After Summer Days full of Sand, Salty Air, & Chlorine, it’s *definitely* time to repair the damage done! Summer Vibes are the best V I B E S, but Dry, Damaged Hair? Never! We suggest you take care of your Summer Hair with a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week!

With 2 months left of Summertime, there will be plenty of Pool Days ahead for you! Start repairing your hair now before you Fall into Autumn with dry, damaged hair. EW!

What can YOU do? Schedule an appointment at Elida Marie Salon & Spa - a no brainer!! We highly recommend the B3 Repairing Treatment. A deep conditioning treatment that repairs & restores dry, damaged hair by penetrating the cortex & reattaching broken bonds. The process only takes 30 minutes and leaves your hair instantly hydrated, smoother, & shinier. What more could a gal want?

Is your hair extra dry and crunchy?? Take home a Joico KPak Treatment. This at home conditioning mask can be used once a week and give you the healthiest summer hair you’ve ever seen. Elida Marie Salon & Spa has them in stock! Grab one on your way out next time!

Ready to take your hair to Rehab? Repair the summer sun & heat. Book your appointment for a B3 Repairing Treatment today by visiting or calling the Salon at 337-856-9209. **SPECIAL** Mention this blog post and receive a FREE conditioning treatment with your next hair service!

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